Thappana Movie Review

Mammootty, besides being a thinking hero and a fighting hero, has been fabulously successful in portraying the commonest among the common, sans glamour, sans stunts, capturing the imagination of the common as well as the not so common fans. He has added another feather to his cap with his latest role as Samson in Thappana directed by Johnny Antony.

Samson, a good-hearted small time thief coming from a family of burglars, has been in and out of jails as regularly as day and night and on one such occasion when he was released from jail, he meets Mallika who, coincidentally, was released on the same day after unexpectedly undergoing imprisonment for murder. How Samson affects Mallika and her life through their rather unusual and humorous relationship is what Thappana is all about. Mammootty as Samson is in a class of his own with his catchy and absolutely sticky dialogues and his ability to drive the audience into a frenzied state of unstoppable laughter has been a revelation. Charmi as Mallika looks cute and adorable and looks the role. Murali Gopy has done a remarkable job and Suresh krishna has been very apt. Humour is enhanced with some further slapstick comedy from Kalabhavan Shajon, Vijeesh, Mala Aravindan and Vijayaraghavan who have done justice to their parts. Others in the cast include Sadiq, Anil Murali,Sajitha Betti, Geetha Vijayan and Ponnama Babu. Thappana is produced by Milan Jaleel under the banner of Galaxy Films with screenplay being written by M.Sindhuraj.

The movie was shot in the high ranges and the spectacular scenes have been captured vividly in the camera by Rajarathnam. And the effect is doubled with the addition of foot-tapping music of Vidyasagar which is just awesome! Music direction is by Vidyasagar. Lyrics are by Anil Panachooran, Murugan Kattakada and Santhosh Varma. Sindhuraj’s script is consistent and keeps the audience in good humour with its ease and spontaneity. Ranjan Abraham does a fine editing job.

Thappana is an extremely simple movie, with its raw humour and earthy wise cracks. Both the story and the humour could be easily related. There are no major shortcomings and the little ones could be ignored. An ordinary story has been made endearing through some good script writing, spectacular photography, sensible acting and  direction. The humour might annoy the prude but provides continuous enjoyment to the rest. A perfect prescription for family audiences. In short, a fairly nice option, if you don’t think too much!


Verdict: Watchable Fare

Mr.Marumakan Movie Review

Mr.Marumakan is a funny and lighthearted comedy which is both interesting and entertaining. I totally enjoyed watching the movie.
It has numerous funny moments, i can say, lot more than Dileep-Sibi-Uday’s recent outing Maayamohini.With a bunch of very good actors Dileep,Biju Menon,Nedumudi Venu,Saikumar and a group comedians Salim Kumar, Suraaj Venjaramoodu,Harisree Ashokan, Baburaj with ace writers Sibi -Uday. It couldn’t get much bigger and the entertainment is at its best.You go laughing all the way.

The movie has many hilarious scenes and everyone in the film from Dileep to Biju Menon to Suraaj were superb in their roles..

Dileep is absolutely lovable as the boy next door. He performs the role of Marumakan with high energy.He steals the show in the title role.
Bijumenon was superb in 1st half.

He has already prooved his timing. And this time he is very good in action scenes and songs too.Kushboo is outstanding as AmmayiAmma and Sheela is superb as grand mother, Sanusha looks looks delectable,glamorous and performs well. Dileep and Salim Kumar combination scenes create lot of laughs like Kalyanaraman and Thilakkam. Suraaj Venjaramoodu is also good with his comedy. Baburaj as advocate K B Panicker ( role to be done by Jagathi chettan) makes you laugh after Salt and Pepper. Riyaz Khan and Saikumar were good.

BGM is super. Songs are in the mood of the film, The script by Sibi – Uday is racy and entertaining. Sandhya mohan’s directions is good

Pace in the 2nd half was slow. So I felt the duration is little bit lengthy.

Verdict : Fun all the way..Everyone will Enjoy

Box Office Status : BlockBuster. Ee Onam Marumon Kondu Pokum

Simhasanam Movie review

Director Shaji Kailas’ Simhasanam is at best a spoof of some of his own earlier hits.The film doesn’t work because it’s hard to empathize with any of the characters and the lead actors fail to rise above the flawed script.

With larger than life characters seen in umpteen films, awful situations, melodrama and irritating dialogues, this one mostly turn out as unintentionally funny. Shaji, who has scripted the film as well, has made some kind of a curious compilation of some of those already popular scenes from a few select movies.

Madhava Menon (Sai Kumar) is the patriarch of the wealthy Chandragiri family. This “feudal fascist” (as described in this film by one of the villains) is so powerful that the state chief minister comes to his doorstep to solve some political crisis and the natives in the area are being considered his ‘praja’ (subjects). His son Arjun (Prithviraj) is a daredevil as you would have guessed by now and the father-son duo takes on their rivals in true heroic style.

Lakshmi (Vandana) and Nanda (Aishwarya Devan) play the heroines who involve in some sort of a catfight that reminds of the Manju Warrier-Priya Raman tussle in ‘Araam Thampuran’ to get the hero’s attention.

The secular mind of the landlords, their faithful confidants, the quintessential ‘utsavam’ in the temple, the elephants, the kalari experts, the corrupt cops, the wily politicians… you name it and it’s all there aplenty. Worse still, even the dialogues are mimicry versions from the old movies.

Were the makers of this film sleeping for a decade or so, to suddenly wake up to make this old fashioned misadventure? That is the feeling the viewer gets while sitting through this tiring ordeal, as it is a total misfit during the current times. At almost two hours and forty minutes, the film never seems to end!

With nothing new to offer, Prithviraj looks ineffective and disinterested. Now, it is quite a mystery on why this hero selects some pathetic movies so often in his career!

Most of the other actors have been cast to suit their branded tags. The less said about the two heroines, the better and they seems to compete with each other to come up with the worst performance.

When DVDs of old blockbusters are available and when those classic scenes and dialogues are being aired on TV, do we need a hotchpotch of it all? It’s a mystery how films like this get made.

Thattathin Marayathu Movie Review

All of us must have fallen in love while in college. “Thattathin Marayathu” is another college romance between two youngsters belonging to different faiths and the resultant complexities and issues.

Credit must be given to Vineeth Srinivasan for the care taken in each frame to create the right mood and elevate the characters. Those who had fallen in love and felt the pangs of separation and the desperate helplessness will identify themselves in Nivin Pauly and Isha Talwar.

Vineeth himself has grown through the same schools and colleges and would have seen so many such incidents to flare his imagination. Love goes back a generation when a glance or a gesture spoke louder than all those silly banter and conveyed volumes of message. The romance between Vinod(Nivin Pauly) and Aisha (Isha) is delightfully engaging and credit should go to the young actors for their absolute commitment and dedication towards the characterization of the pair.

Nivin Pauly as the small town college boy acts and looks fine in his role. Isha Talwar looks bewitching and angelic as the Muslim girl and is able to be convincing. At times though, she looks a bit confused.

Aju Varghese, Bhagath Manuel , Ahmed Siddique, Sunny Wayne, Manikuttan , Sreenivasan  have performed creditably in their respective roles.
Manoj K. Jayan’s performance is notable.

Cinematography by Jomon T John is exceptionally good.  Ranjan Abraham edits brilliantly and Shaan Rahman’s music and background score is so melodious and so wonderfully applied that the aura and flavor of romance are enhanced.

“Thattathin Marayathu” is a beautiful romantic film which brings back memories of days gone by for the ‘not so young’ and lessons to the young on ‘how it used to be’.

A movie with excellent first half and agerage second half. But sure, it doesn’t disappoints you.
The movie is simple and moving with a very clear theme and substance.

Verdict: ‘Thattathin Marayathu’ is  Good !

Ustad Hotel Review

As the name suggests, this is the story of a hotel but it is also the story of a deep relationship between a young man and an old man set apart by a generation. Kareem (Thilakan) has been managing Ustad Hotel for the last thirty five years and his grandson Faisi(Dulquer Salmaan) is always there along with Karim, knowing him, understanding him and loving him.

The meaning of Ustad is friend and friendship is highlighted in every aspect of Ustad, both in letter and spirit. Situated near the Calicut Beach, people flock to the hotel for the wonderful cuisine prepared and served by the twosome. The food is wholesome and satisfying and the customers include locals and outsiders. And Faisi vibes perfectly with his grandfather’s ideas and attitude. This deep bond between grandfather and his grandson forms the crux from which the story is woven.

Anwar Rasheed, who has already directed super hits like ‘Rajamanikyam’, ‘Chotta Mumbai’ and ‘Annan Thambi’, directs ‘Ustad Hotel’. Listin Stephen, maker of another hit film ‘Traffic’, produces ‘Ustad Hotel’ under the banner of Magic Frames. Dulquar Salman is Faisi and Thilakan is Karim, the two building a bridge between two generationa just as in the movie. And to complete the dazzling list, ‘Manjadikuru’ fame Anjali Menon writes the screenplay.

To add lustre and romance, Nithya Menon appears as Shahna who is in love with Faisi. Others in the cast are Siddique, Lena, Kunjan, Mamukoya, Bhagath and Prem Prakash.

The film tells the story of ordinary people in ordinary surroundings living ordinary lives. It contains humour, love, pain and above all human values. It is a film one could relate to, where you find simple people doing heroic things, not with their fists but with their minds and emotions.

All the actors have performed out of this world with the youthful and glamorous Dulquer proving once again that he is coming out of his father’s  shadow in the role of Faisi. Thilakan proves that there is no substitute for experience with a subtle yet poignant performance. Nithya Menon is a revelation and will be a hot contender. Bhagath creates a niche for himself and the same could be said of Siddique, Mamukoya, Manian Pilla Raju, Kalabhavan Haneef and Lena, all of them at ease in their roles.

Anjali Menon has run riot with the characters giving them a free rein to grow and in the process she could be forgiven if occasionally the plot suffers. The rest of the film crew like cinematographer(S.Lokanathan), editor(Praveen Prabhakar), art director(Biju Chandran), costume designer(Sameera Saneesh) and the choreographer (Shanker) have managed to keep abreast with the tempo and spirit of the movie. Gopi Sunder’s music injects more life to the already colourful movie.

‘Ustad Hotel’ is a moving film, the story well written by an extremely gifted artist, the film directed by a young and genuine talent and Anwar has definitely won the first round effortlessly.
Hats off the whole team for a splendid show!

‘Ustad Hotel’ is refreshing, captivating and engrossing.

Verdict: Verry Good.

Grandmaster Review

UTV Motion Pictures marks their entry in Malayalam with Grandmaster, directed by B Unnikrishnan. In the lead role, Mohanlal plays almost his age without much high voltage action sequences and the film turns out to be a pretty engaging one.

Chandrasekharan (Mohanlal) is an IPS officer who lives some kind of a lonely life after being divorced from his wife, Deepthi (Priyamani), a leading criminal lawyer. As the head of the Metro Crime Stopper Cell, Chandrasekharan is entrusted with the investigation of a series of murders.

Kishore (Narain) and Rasheed (Jagathy Sreekumar) assist him in the investigation. The cops soon find that there are some intriguing links that connects the murders and they start tracking the culprits.

The film has a real shaky start with a rather meek first half but things get interesting in the second half. The writer-director has succeeds in keeping the viewers almost clueless about the suspense, until the last moment.

The narration is pretty old fashioned and the lines often sound clichéd, but there are some real nice moments in between.

Grandmaster may have been partly inspired from the Agatha Christie novel The A.B.C. Murders or its movie version The Alphabet Murders (1965), directed by Frank Tashlin with Tony Randall playing the popular Christie detective, Hercule Poirot.

If you start mulling over the storyline and the contents, there is nothing great to rave about, but with slick visuals and good style, the director packages the film in a fast paced manner. The music is pretty fine and goes with the narration.

In a matured style, which has not been seen for a while, Mohanlal shines as the soft-spoken cop. Most of his co-stars including Priyamani, Narain, Jagathy Sreekumar, Anoop Menon and Roma have comparatively limited roles to play, but they have done their parts well.

In the end, Grandmaster easily turns out to be an engaging watch. Watch it, if you appreciate such honest attempts.

Mayamohini Malayalam Movie Review

One Word :
Mayamohini is a film, which belongs to the great actor Dileep. With much talked movie, Mayamohini, he delivers one of the verity and outstanding performance that every actor love to  do!! Mayamohini is a non stop fun film, though story line could have been better with little more sense and content.

Mayamohini, directed by Jose Thomas , where Dileep plays a women called Mayamohini. More than the story the Udayakrishna-Siby K. Thomas tried injecting fun as much as possible. And because Dileep is in full form and Biju Menon and Baburaj continued there recent good form, the film will not disappoint.

Plot :

Vadakkedathu Tharavaadu, an ancestral home is where the story is revolving around. Appumama, played by Unnikrishnan Namboodiri, is the eldest member of the tharavaad. He is a bachelor and lives for the well being of his cousin Balakrishnan (Biju Menon). Bala Krishnan is so innocent that anyone can cheat him. Lakshmi Narayanan (Babu Raj), an advocate, who is almost ten years elder to Balakrishnan is his close friend. On Lakshmi Narayanan’s encouragement and support, Balakrishnan starts a business. But astrologers earlier predicted that Balakrisnan will not be successful in business. His business began to shatter one by one.

At this point an astrologer says that if Balakrishnan marries a woman born with Chothi nakshatram (star), he will have success in life. Both Lakshmi Narayanan and Balakrishnan start searching for a woman born with Chothi nakshatram. After a lot of effort they meet a beautiful woman born with Chothi nakshatram named Mayamohini (Dileep). What happens next is a roller coaster fun ride laced with a bit of suspense.

Where Dileep due to certain unavoidable circumstances dresses up as Mayamohini, a Mumbai girl. He continues to be Maya, with whom Biju Menon falls in love without understanding her real identity.
Performance :

Dileep : After his much appreciated verity roles in Kunjikunan, Chanthupottu, he came up with another outstanding performance in Mayamohini, where he got back the result of his all hardworking as an outstanding female role as mayamohini. He portray the female character with such an ease, we even thinks that apart from him no one else should have been better. Most of the time Dileep did justice to his female character.

Biju Menon : Outstanding performance once again from him, and looks like he is at his career peak, and will continue to grab some great roles.

Baburaj : As usual amazing performance and he was the show stealer in the first half. His combination scenes with biju menon where superb.

Sphadikam George :He deserves a special mention, and with limited scenes his performance is much appreciated, and he was too good in the climax.

Another actor who deserve a special mention is Abu Salim, and rest of the cast including the leading actresses Lakshmi rai and Mythili, did not have much to do.

Behind The Camera :

Director : Jose Thomas, direction was good, however we can expect more from him.

Screen Play : Udayakrishna-Siby K. Thomas did succeed with their fun-filled screen play, however content wise I doubt that. The story could have been much more better and the suspense is easily predictable.

Camera : Anil Nair, was good with his camera, however not an extra ordinary.

Music : Berny-Ignatius songs are just average, one of the song reminds Dileep’s previous movie Karyasthan’s song. However Dileep’s performances in these songs were superb, And some of the songs in the movie could have been easily be droped.

Editing : Lijo Paul , good one , though a crisp editing should have been much better for Mayamohini.

Final Word :

In-spite of the lack of some great story, mayamohini scored with some amazing performances and some hilarious comedy. Though most of the comedy has double meaning, since the female role is played by a male actor, it can be enjoyed to some extent.

Verdict: An entertaining package to cool you down this summer;enjoy the Amrith !

The King & The Commissioner Movie Review

The Renji-Shaji combo, well-known for socio-political masala films, is back with their trademark theme and trenchant punch lines. A multi-starrer lead by Mammootty and Suresh Gopi, ‘The King and the Commissioner’ depicts the modern socio-political scenario as perceived by the protagonists. Advertisements even refer to it as a film with an extra bone!

The film begins with the plot hatched by Major Rana, a confirmed enemy of India, to kill the Prime Minister of India and unsettle the nation. The major has connections within the Indian State such as police officer Shankar (Devan) and Veerabhadra Chandra Moulishwara Maharaaj(Saikumar) a fake godman. The conspiracy was accidentally uncovered by Nedumudi Venu and his assistant and they had to pay the price for their discovery by death. To solve the mystery of the murder, Joseph Alex IAS and Bharath Chandran IPS, known for their efficacy and courage are deployed. The constant struggle between the evil and the good and the final outcome form the rest of the story.

The story revolves around 2 honest and brave officers battling the system from within. And the main protagonists are not names unfamiliar to us; Joseph Alex IAS and Bharathchandran IPS, popular creations of Renji Panicker in his earlier movies ‘The King’ and ‘Commissioner’.

After a 17 year gap, Renji and Shaji Kailas are back with a bang and this definitely reflects in their movie too! Thrilling and dialogue driven, the movie is sure to set audiences on fire!

The movie is based on communal and commercial politics wherein the main characters, Mammootty and Suresh Gopi, come together to investigate a crime.

Mammootty looks young and charismatic in his role as Joseph Alex and his dialogues are indeed gripping.
Suresh Gopi, always popular for his dialogue renditions, upholds his reputation with his hard-hitting screenplay and intermittent flare-ups.

Saikumar, the anti-hero deserves a special mention here too. He is fantastic in his outright negative role. His personality and the kind of arrogance he mirrors on screen, makes him an award-worthy performer. It’s no wonder then that he’s so spectacularly introduced in the movie on screen.

Devan has also been given a good performing role and he has done complete justice to it.
All the actors including Samvritha Sunil,Jayan, KPAC Lalitha, Kunjan and Spadikam George have been aptly cast and they have done a neat job.

The dialogues written by Renji are crisp and showered with English one-liners to add the extra punch!

Camerawork by Sharavanan, Shaji Kumar and Bharani K Dharan truly helped bring realism and dynamism to the action-adventure sequences. Samjith’s cuts and Rajamani’s background scores have also complemented the main theme and feel of the movie.

The chemistry between the leads is striking in ”The King & The Commissioner”.
Here’s a warning; the movie might look a little slow to begin with. But that’s only a temporary illusion. Once the story takes on, you may want to fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the roller-coaster!

An extremely compelling political drama and thriller, the movie is indeed a powerful comeback for the Shaji Kailas – Renji Panicker team.

Verdict: Mass Entertainer.