Laila O Laila Movie Review

Director Joshiy’s Lailaa O Lailaa makes you feel cheated. Despite having all the resources at their disposal, what you are given finally is close to three hours of sheer boredom. Nothing else!

Jaimohan aka Jai(Mohanlal) is a secret agent who is in Bangalore to foil the designs of a terrorist group. Being an undercover agent he can’t reveal his identity or job to anybody. He is a divorcee and his wife Remya(Remya Nambeesan) left him because she found him too workaholic. Jai later becomes close to Anjali Menon(Amala Paul) and after a brief romance marries her against the wishes of her father Dr.Menon(Joy Mathew). Jai reports to his boss Khadher(Sathyaraj)and the investigations process goes on in a clandestine manner.Clever and timely action by Jai results in the nabbing of Victor Rana a kingpin of the terrorist group and a dreaded international terrorist.

Romantic scenes are sandwiched between Jai’s operations and official life.Just like any newly married wife Anjaly seeks quality and quantity time of Jai,which he fails to provide. His secretive ways evoke suspicion in her and disharmony settles in their married life. Jai is duty bound and is not one bogged down by sentiments. The title of the movie has some significance and it is linked to the plot of the terrorist group. Jai manages later to convince Anjaly about his job and other exigencies. She falls in line and ‘Laila O Laila’ holds a small surprise for the viewer with regard to Anjaly in the eventual dénouement.

Action and shoot out scenes are well shot and car chase sequences are well canned. Suresh Nair flounders in the script mainly because of the fact that the plot is wafer thin.We have seen too many movies in this genre and the mixing of thrills and romance hasn’t worked out well enough to endear to the general audience. Loud background score that lacks novelty and average songs don’t help the cause of the movie either. But Loganathan has done a fair job behind the camera.

In a role, which would have been okay for him if he were some twenty years younger, Mohanlal tries to do his best but this one has been poorly written and is aimed at creating cheap thrills.

The usually dependable Amala Paul looks lovely, but the film doesn’t require her to so much as break into a sweat to get through her scenes. She has good screen space but that’s all is not enough to make the character interesting.

It’s a pity that such eminently talented actors like Mohanlal and Amala Paul are wasted in this misadventure. Watch this one at your own risk please.

After ‘Laila O Laila, Mohanlal agrees for another big budgeter with Joshy

After ‘Laila O Laila, Mohanlal has agreed to do another big budgeter with the director Joshy. To be produced by M K Nasser of ‘Rajadhiraja’, the shoot for the movie is currently planed for next March. Lal will join this big budjeted film after completing his Sathyan Anthikkad film.

M K Nasser is also the producer of Jayaram’s ‘Sir C P, the new movie directed by Shajoon Kariyal, which is currently on sets at Alappuzha.

Joshiy’s Mohanlal starer `Laila o Laila` Starts

Mohanlal’s Peruchazhi released this Friday to mixed response. Lal, who was suffering from a small injury was hospitalized, is now back in action.

He is currently shooting for Joshiy’s Laila O Laila. The best part is, our superstar will be seen shooting continuously for 100 days. Well, that is truly Mohanlal for you!

Amala Paul will be seen paired opposite Mohanlal in this Joshiy flick which is currently rolling in locations like Kochi, Mysore and Goa. Suresh Nair who shot to fame with Bollywood flicks like D-Day, Namastey London, and Kahaani has scripted this film.

Adding to the sheen of this film, Kollywood star Satyaraj will be seen playing a prominent role in this film. Laila O Laila is expected to be a start-to-finish project.

‘Salaam Kashmir’ for this Onam


After that big debacle in ‘Lokpal’, senior director Joshy will be back with a vengeance for the new movie ‘Salaam Kashmir’, expected to be on theatres by this Onam. Produced by Subair in the banner of Varnachitrha, the movie is now scheduled to be on theatres by September instead of its earlier planned release date of August 23.

The shoot for  the movie featuring Jayaram and Sureshgopi is already continuing at Ernakulam. A few portions of the flick will be shot at Kashmir. Joshy had earlier been to Kashmir for many films including his big hit ‘Nair Saab’ which came out in the early nineties.