Lakshmi Rai with James Cameron

A few days ago we came to know that James Cameron walked into the sets of Priyadarshan’s Malayalam film ‘Arabiyum, Ottakavum, P Madhavan Nairum’ when the shooting was taking place in Dubai.

Now the latest is that the Hollywood big gun has expressed his desire to work with Lakshmi Rai, the heroine of the Priyadarshan’s project. “He was thoroughly impressed with the actress,” say sources

Confirming this Lakshmi Rai says, “After meeting me on the sets, he read up on me and my films on the world wide web. I will be leaving for California soon to work with him. Cameron said that I had a good body of work and it is a huge compliment for me,”

The Hollywood director was in Dubai for the 2011 Abu Dhabi Media Summit. Priyan, who came to know about this, sought a dinner appointment with the man behind ‘Avatar’. However, Cameron said he would come to the sets to observe Priyan’s work style.

James Cameron pays a visit to Priyadarshan’s film set

There was a surprise visitor on the sets of Priyadarshan’s ‘Arabiyum Ottakavum P. Madhavan Nairum’, and it was none other than world renowned director James Cameron. Priyan had requested a meeting with Cameron the night before, after having come to know that the director was in the city for the Abudabi Media Summit 2011. However the director surprised everyone by arriving in person at the film sets. Priyan says that he was speechless for a while, when Cameron dropped in on his film set. The director talked for a while on 3D technology, and commented on Mohanlal’s acting. He also expressed surprise at films being made on such small budgets. Priyan who is overwhelmed, says that this is a meeting that he would never ever forget in his entire life. He also says that he has got the confidence to make a Hollywood 3D film through the meeting.