Jyothika’s Telugu remake of ‘How Old are You’

jyothika-how-oldThe Malayalam hit movie ‘How Old are You’ marked the comeback of Manju Warier. The Tamil remake of the film is progressing now with the return of Jyothika.

Jyothika gave up her acting career following her marriage with actor Suriya. She is back to the industry after a long gap with the Tamil remake of this movie.

Rosshen Andrews, who directed the Malayalam movie, is directing the Tamil version too. The Tamil film is produced by Suriya’s production house 2 D Entertainments.

According to industry grapevine, Suriya is planning for the Telugu version of the movie and that Jyothika will play the lead role in the Telugu version too.

The film is also said to have Hindi and Kannada remakes, though not confirme

Which one is the best?

2014 is coming to an end and it is time to choose the best of the year. There are 140 movies have been released in Mollywood in 2014, but only a few of them managed to taste the success. The years 2012 and 2013 proved to be favourable for the Malayalam film industry, which saw as many films hitting the screens. While some went on to earn big bucks, others failed to the box-office. But in 2014, the industry witnessed big box office disasters as well as a fall down in the excellence of making. There are so many movies which did well at the box office, but there are only a few which grabbed critical acclaims.

The first releas of the year was Salala Mobiles, directed by Sharath A Haridaasan. The movie which had Dulquer Salmaan and Nazriya Nazim in the lead roles it was failed at the box office. The first box office Hit of the year was Nivin Pauly’s 1983 directed by Abride Shine. The Blockbuster of the year was Multi-starrer ‘Bangalore Days’, directed by Anjali Menon. Fahadh Dulquer Salmaan, Nivin Pauly, Fahad Faasil, Nazriya Nazim, Parvathy, Isha Talwar, Nithya Menen etc. The movie went on to become the second highest grosser ever of Malayalam film history.

Aashiq Abu’s Mammootty starrer Gangster, and Mohanlal starrer Mr Fraud, directed by B Unnikrishnan failed at the box office. Om Shanti Oshana, 7th Day, Ring Master, How Old Are You, Angry Babies, Vikramadithyan, Sapthamashree Thaskaraha, Vellimoonga, Varsham etc are the commercially successful movies of year 2014.

Here we bring you the list of the Best Movies of 2014, which were selected on the basis of excellence in scripting, making, technical aspects and performance at the box office.

1. Munnariyippu

2. Bangalore Days

3. Apothecary

4. Swapaanam

5. 1983

6. Iyobinte Pusthakam

7. How Old Are You

After 8 years Jyothika is back in front of the camera!

Jyothika stopped acting once she got married to Suriya in 2006. She faced camera last for her award winning performance in Mozhi. Now after 8 years of married life and two kids, Jyothika is making a comeback to movies.

Jo as she is affectionately known is doing the Tamil remake of Malayalam super hit How Old Are You? She will be doing the role made memorable by Manju Warrier from the original in Tamil version. The untitled movie’s first schedule will start in New Delhi from today (Nov 17), and later shift to Chennai.

Incidentally, the original was also a second coming for, Manju Warrier in Mollywood. Roshan Andrews, who directed the Malayalam version is directing the remake as well for Suriya’s maiden production venture under 2D Entertainments. Actor Rahman will do the role of her husband in Tamil.

How Old Are You – Review


How old are you? A question that is pregnant with possibilities.An interlude at the peak of one’s powers can take the wind out of the sails of even the best.Manju Warrier may have been confronted by inner demons,when she took that daring step to come out of her self imposed exile .Don’t know whether she would have asked herself, How good are you? But the scenarists knew, the director knew and ultimately the discerning Malayali audience knew that she would take like a duck to water, when she faces the arc lights again. Well, conjectures move aside, solid proof is out. Manju has comeback in the most emphatic manner.

Rarely does a female actress gets more focus than the film she acts in.Our male superstars have enjoyed this privilege,but here we see Manju the actress tower above the movie to such an extent that, an otherwise well crafted movie gets less attention than it should have. ‘How old  are you’, is a quintessential women centric movie with a powerful message.What Bobby and Sanjay have achieved with their script is that they never get preachy,yet puts across an idea of tremendous import.

Nirupama Rajeev(Manju Warrier) is a middle class woman working in the lower rungs of bureaucracy. Existence is as mundane as it can get for this submissive woman,who is locked in a rather unhappy marriage with Rajeev (Kunchacko Boban).She has a daughter who is unsatisfied with her.She is considered almost as good for nothing by her spouse and offspring.There are a number of hilarious scenes which look so natural that they appear gleaned out of life. Nirupama’s small mistakes are mocked as blunders and she gets a raw deal from all and sundry.Life holds some surprises for her but she fails to make use of a life changing opportunity that comes her way by quirk of fate.

Rajeev and daughter Lachu leave for Ireland to pursue their dreams as Nirupama fails to join them due to technical glitches. Infact it is a sort of escape for the father and daughter who find Nirupama cumbersome. Battered and bruised Nirupama struggles for inspiration, which she gets from her old classmate Susan (Kaniha),who motivates her to a life changing decision. From thereon we see a resurgent Nirupama who rediscovers herself.She becomes a woman who understands her strength and her flickering self esteem now becomes a shining beacon. It is women power to the fore as we see the protagonist literally stepping into great heights. She brings the world around her to adapt to her frequency and range. She becomes a rallying point and inspiration for a whole state and ultimately her husband and daughter recognise her worth.

Rosshan Andrrews proves once again why he is considered a director with strong convictions and a profound belief in his craft. He knits together a well compiled script with supreme authority. Music is just a soothing addition to the whole premise and Gopi Sundar does a god job of it. Frames of  Divakaran have an elegance that matches the feel good mood of the movie. Performances help How old are you immeasurably. Apart from Manju,Kunchacko plays the role of an unhappy husband to perfection. He is as low key as the character demands. Amritha Anil as daughter of the protagonist is a revelation. Every actor has a well etched role and whether it is Lalu Alex, Kunjan, Vinay Fort, Sethulakshmi, Muthumani, Thesni Khan etc. all of them play their roles with ease. Quizzing wizard Sidhartha Basu appears in a cameo as the Indian President.

Essentially ‘How Old are you’ is a cinematic equivalent of a motivational book. But where it succeeds is, in being a film. The comeback of Manju Warrier could not have been in a better movie. A rare feel good movie that leaves behind a pleasant feeling. Light hearted yet weighty, ’How old are you’ can touch the inner echelons of your mind, irrespective of how old are you!