Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal Review


Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal is enjoyable!

There is an art in giving a title to a movie and Lal Jose and his team may have been inspired by one of the most endearing melodies in Malayalam Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal when they decided to give this lyrical title to their new movie. Indeed just as the song this typical Lal Jose offering is a peek into the life of a bridegroom, seven days prior to his marriage. The concept is delectable and the variegated experiences and the deluge of expectations about married life that an expectant bridegroom harbours, did have the potential to offer a novel experience for the discerning viewer to dip his or her beak into. ‘Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal’ has its heart in the right place and has some really hilarious and genuine moments.

Aby Mathew(Dileep) is an ad film maker who is in search of a bride. As anyone who is married would attest to, finding a bride who ticks all the boxes of expectations is a herculean task. Fortunately for Aby he comes across someone who is in the same boat as him. An upcoming model that he introduces Ann(Parvathy Nambiar) walks into his life and steals his heart. His excitement soars through the roof and in no time he throws a bachelor party to his friends seven days prior to the wedding. Things look wonderfully poised for Aby but certain events that take place after the party lands his life in a rut. He comes to know that his ex- lover Sini is living nearby from one of hisfriends Abid(Harisree Asokan).

A flashback ensues and we see the earlier days when the couple were deeply in love with each other. Due to some particular reasons they part ways and both of them move ahead forgetting the episode. The remnants of old emotion spring up in the mind of Aby fleetingly, but once again his practical mind takes over. But he yearns to meet her to invite her for his marriage.She is married to a boxer named Tyson Alex (Murali Gopi) and leads a peculiar married life. What transpires in their second meeting and whether Aby will surmount hurdles that spring up in his quest to consummate his marriage is what the film all about.

The movie is replete with some hilarious moments especially in the first half. It is a relief to see some genuinely funny moments from Dileep without the customary veering towards low brow and below the belt antics.The latter half when the meaty part of the plot is laid bare,things become a bit sluggish. The proceedings assume a serious air as issues of marital harmony, discords and fidelity are dealt with. The big prices that we pay for minor errors of judgment and life’s habit of surprising you at the most inopportune moment , Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal deals with it all in a multilayered premise.

But things get into a maze of sorts after a point,as a few twists and turns rear their head to evoke a bit of shock and awe in the audience. It doesnt entirely bear fruit but Lal Jose’s ability to create something out of nothing saves the movie from being derailed. The end sequences bear the stamp of a seasoned film maker and helps the movie to iron out some of the creases which looked glaring. James Albert has not managed to produce a very good script since his maiden venture Classmates . Here also he just about acquits himself and excellence is sorely missing.

Dileep is in the form of his life as far as box office credentials are concerned, but it is a welcome change for him in this movie to enact a role that has some substance. He is indeed the life blood of the movie and his rib tickling comedy sustains the movie.Murali Gopy continues to amaze with another stellar act as the boxer character with a different get up. Reema Kallingal is apt and debutante Parvathy is reasonable. Vijayaraghavan,Harisree Asokhan, Suraj Venjarumoodu, Sekhar Menon, Praveena etc are in their elements and do make their presence felt. Pradeesh Varma’s visuals struggle at times to live upto Lal Jose’s fertile imagination but still emerges unscathed. Music which is the hallmark of all Lal Jose movies is a slight letdown here with Prashanth Pillai failing to recreate Amen magic.

The ability of Lal Jose to bring in the crowds is well known and in this festival season the popular star Dileep may very well be able to continue his winning streak. ‘Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal’ flirts with beauty on many occasions but finally ends up a tad short of being very good.

Verdict: very good

‘Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal’ Started

Ezhu-Sundara-RatrikalLal jose has started canning his new movie with Dileep in the title ‘Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal’. Featuring Rima Kallingal as the heroine , the movie scripted by James Albert of Classmate fame will have him playing an ad film director. The film revolves around the incidents that happen in his life, seven days before marriage. The movie will also feature one more heroine who is a newcomer. Meanwhile Laljose’s own production company LJ film is getting ready to release their new movie ‘Thira’ directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan for this 15th of November.

Dileep With Rima in Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal

dileep_rimaThe year started with last year’s most popular stars Dileep and Rima Kallingal, coming together for the first time for the film’ Kammath & Kammath. Though the movie didn’t made what it was expected to, the duo will be cast together once again for the new movie titled as ‘Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal’.

Coming from hit maker Laljose , the movie is scripted by James Albert. Dileep who plays an ad film maker in the film will have one more heroine for the movie, whose name is yet to be finalised. The director-scriptwriter duo has earlier worked together for the big hit ‘Classmates’.

‘Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal’ will be the Christmas release of Dileep.

Lal Jose teams up with Dileep again


The hit combo of Lal Jose and Dileep have teamed up again to do another romantic comedy.

The film titled Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal will be produced and distributed by Lal Jose and will be a Christmas release.

It will be the seventh time the combo who has made blockbusters like Meesa Madhavan and Chanthupottu are coming together.

The script of Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal is being written by James Albert, who last teamed up with the director for the super hit Classmates.

Dileep after reading the one-line script has given Tatkal dates to Lal Jose. The director is currently doing Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum, while the actor is shooting for Jose Thomas’s untitled film.

Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal is likely to start from Chingam 1 (August 17) . The rest of the cast and technicians will be announced closer to the shoot.

Dileep Laljose Again

Ace director Laljose has been instrumental in giving Dileep some of his greatest hits in his career. Movies like ‘Meesa madhavan’ and ‘Chandhu Pottu’ not only lifted the popular actor in him, but also become commercial success stories. Though their recent outing in ‘Spanish Masala’ didn’t yield similar results, the combo is back for a new movie titled as ‘Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal’. Scripted by James Albert, this new project will tell a story about the happenings in the seven days before the protagonist’s wedding. Though not a slapstick comedy, the movie will be an entertainer as usual in the lines of Laljose movies.

Meanwhile, the director has plenty of pending assignments before this Dileep flick. The hit maker will immediately start shooting for the Prithviraj, Naren flick ‘Ayaalum Njanum Thammil’ and soon after the completion of this movie, a Mammootty flick is also awaiting to get realised.

If the schedules are in similar routes ‘Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal’ will kick start only by the middle of 2013.