Amar Akbar Anthony Malayalam Film Review

Amar Akbar Anthony is a comedy entertainer which stars Prithviraj, Jayasurya, and Indrajith in the title roles. The movie marks the directorial debut of actor-singer-tv host Nadhirshah. Amar Akbar Anthony is produced by Alwin Antony and Dr. Zachariah Thomas, under the banners Ananya Films and United Global Media Entertainment.

Amar (Prithviraj) works in a mall, Akbar (Jayasurya) is a lift operator and Anthony (Indrajith) is a pizza delivery boy.

The entire first half of the film is peppered with the kind of comedy that we come across in the mimicry skits. If you are the kind who enjoys such humour, it’s a fabulous treat. Still, there are no double meaning jokes and it has been packaged competently not make you bored at any point of time.

The film becomes more engaging in the second half and there are some surprise twists as well, which gives it all a genuine feel.

Prithviraj, who essays Amar has improved a lot in the case of comical timing, when compared to his earlier comical flicks. Jayasurya is brilliant as Akbar, and scores with the perfect comical timing, hilarious mannerisms, and dialect. Indrajith played Anthony to near perfection and manages to outshines his co-stars with his performance. Namitha Pramod, who plays Jenny, has nothing much to do in the movie. She has managed to share a good chemistry with Prithviraj. But the actress tends to overperform at certain points and needs to work on her acting skills. Others have played their parts well.

Amar Akbar Anthony has the Nadhirshah touch in each and every point. The debutant filmmaker has succeeded in bringing out the best from his actors; without losing the grip over the high-dose comical situations. The script by debutante duo Bipin George-Vishnu Unnikrishnan is brilliant when it comes to the comical elements. The movie also discusses a social issue, which doesn’t appeal the audience much. But the rich comical situations and racy climax makes the movie engaging.

Highly recommended if you are a fan of out-and-out comedy movies grab a box of popcorn and enjoy this one!

Rani Padmini Review

Director Ashiq Abu takes up the gamble of making a film with no male superstar.

Rani Padmini is a film made with his wife Rima Kallingal and Manju Warrier in the title roles. They play two contrasting women brought together by fate.

Padmini is from this conventional Malayali backdrop and she is married to Giri, an automotive enthusiast and a rally champion settled in Delhi. The issues with the mother in law and the lack of care from husband have put Padmini in a difficult situation. The short tempered Rani has the responsibility of her small family comprising of mother and grandmother. The need for care and the need of money force both of them to go to the Himalayas. What happens in that journey and how it changes their life is what the movie talking about.

In fact, the main contribution in the film has been made by cinematographer Madhu Neelakantan and musician Bijibal. The frames are so magical that you will be tempted to pack your bags and go for a trip to Himachal Pradesh or Chandigarh, straightaway. But that can barely be a reason to spend your time watching this film and that too, for just above 140 minutes.

The script by Shyam Pushkaran and Ravi Sankar is amateurish, to say the least. Aashiq Abu gives an impression that he is all set to narrate a spectacular story during the first half but tests your patience in the second half.

What is the message that this one gives in the end? That your husband is your only hope in life, however ignored you are, in your married life?

When it comes to the performance, Manju warrier once again showed that years may come and go she still has in her that can make her the best in mollywood in terms of acting. Rima Kallingal was stunning as well as he really stood up with Manju warrier and at certain times she looked more convincing than Manju’s character. Artists such as Jinu Joseph who played the husband character named Giri of Manju’s Padmini, Sreenath bhasi who played one of the truckers in himachal, Soubin shaheer and Dileesh Pothen who played the channel reporters, and the gangster team, done their part to perfection which made the film all the more enjoyable.

Ashiq Abu had done it this time with a classy entertainer and you will not forget rani and padmini after coming out from the cinema halls.

Laila O Laila Movie Review

Director Joshiy’s Lailaa O Lailaa makes you feel cheated. Despite having all the resources at their disposal, what you are given finally is close to three hours of sheer boredom. Nothing else!

Jaimohan aka Jai(Mohanlal) is a secret agent who is in Bangalore to foil the designs of a terrorist group. Being an undercover agent he can’t reveal his identity or job to anybody. He is a divorcee and his wife Remya(Remya Nambeesan) left him because she found him too workaholic. Jai later becomes close to Anjali Menon(Amala Paul) and after a brief romance marries her against the wishes of her father Dr.Menon(Joy Mathew). Jai reports to his boss Khadher(Sathyaraj)and the investigations process goes on in a clandestine manner.Clever and timely action by Jai results in the nabbing of Victor Rana a kingpin of the terrorist group and a dreaded international terrorist.

Romantic scenes are sandwiched between Jai’s operations and official life.Just like any newly married wife Anjaly seeks quality and quantity time of Jai,which he fails to provide. His secretive ways evoke suspicion in her and disharmony settles in their married life. Jai is duty bound and is not one bogged down by sentiments. The title of the movie has some significance and it is linked to the plot of the terrorist group. Jai manages later to convince Anjaly about his job and other exigencies. She falls in line and ‘Laila O Laila’ holds a small surprise for the viewer with regard to Anjaly in the eventual dénouement.

Action and shoot out scenes are well shot and car chase sequences are well canned. Suresh Nair flounders in the script mainly because of the fact that the plot is wafer thin.We have seen too many movies in this genre and the mixing of thrills and romance hasn’t worked out well enough to endear to the general audience. Loud background score that lacks novelty and average songs don’t help the cause of the movie either. But Loganathan has done a fair job behind the camera.

In a role, which would have been okay for him if he were some twenty years younger, Mohanlal tries to do his best but this one has been poorly written and is aimed at creating cheap thrills.

The usually dependable Amala Paul looks lovely, but the film doesn’t require her to so much as break into a sweat to get through her scenes. She has good screen space but that’s all is not enough to make the character interesting.

It’s a pity that such eminently talented actors like Mohanlal and Amala Paul are wasted in this misadventure. Watch this one at your own risk please.

Bhaskar The Rascal Reviews

Bhaskar The Rascal is a family entertainer which stars Megastar Mammootty in the lead role. The movie directed by Siddique stars Nayantara in the female lead. Bhaskar The Rascal is produced by Anto Joseph under the banner Anto Joseph Film Company.

Bhaskar was the only pillar of strength for his father during the crisis periods. He was secretly called as Rascal by te people, due to his rough and tough nature and tendency to react instantly if anyone opposes him.

Bhaskar(Mammootty) is a widower with a son Aadhi(Master Sanoop). He is a self made millionaire who builds an empire from the business wreckage of his father, played by Janardhanan. He is an uncouth man who has a rough exterior. But like a typical Siddique hero he has a golden heart. The typical characters which Siddique uses as sidekicks of hero are here as well in the form of Harisree Ashokan, Kalabhavan Shajon and Saju Navodaya. They are just card board characters created just to manufacture laughter.

After losing his wife pretty early, Bhaskar never married again and he has tremendous affection for his son, Aadi (Master Sanoop). But the boy has problems with his dad’s habit of getting into fights with all his rivals. As fate would have it, Bhaskar has an unlikely fan in Aadi’s classmate Shivani (Baby Anikha), the daughter of a lady entrepreneur, the sweet, charming soft-spoken Hima (Nayantara), who sells homemade chocolates.

The kids want their parents to get married and Bhaskar likes the idea as well. But Hima is not keen about this and there are some unprecedented issues that follow which takes the story ahead.


Mammootty perfectly plays Bhaskar, a ruthless businessman, a loving son and a extremely caring father. Nayantara makes a fantastic comeback into Malayalam as Hima, an independent lady who single-handedly raises her daughter. Master Sanoop and Baby Anikha steals the show with perfect portrayal of Bhaskar’s son Aadhi and Hima’s daughte. JD Chakravarthy excels as the soft-spoken antagonist. Janardhanan, Harisree Ashokan, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Saju Navodaya and Devi Ajith, who essayed the supporting roles completely fit into their respective roles.

Bhaskar The Rascal Script And Direction The movie is penned and directed by hit maker Siddique, has nothing new to offer. But the director succeeds in making a perfect family entertainer out of a cliched story line. The movie is rich with comical situations in first half; but shows some flaws in the second half. The climax ofhav the movie couldn’t match the exuberance of first half and ended up as an average one.

Bhaskar The Rascal a perfect family entertainer for the festival season. Watch it without much expectations.

Verdict: Masala Entertainer

You Too Brutus Reviews

you-too-brutusRoopesh Peethambaran, who made the rather disappointing Theevram earlier, is back with You Too Brutus that brings together a couple of lives. The film is a rehash of the so-called new generation themes, which was trending in Malayalam for a while, some two years back.

Hari (Sreenivasan) is a painter, who is the common point that combines the story of a few youngsters, who are staying with him. Abhi (Asif Ali) runs a recording studio and has moved to an apartment after deciding to tie the knot with his girlfriend, Aparna (Rachana Narayanankutty).

Shirley (Honey Rose) is a model, who dreams of becoming a singer. Arun (Ahmad Siddique) is in love with Diya (Ena Saaha), a sixteen-year-old north Indian school kid. Then there is a dance teacher (Mukta), a body builder named Tovino (Tovino Thomas), a photographer called Vicky (Anu Mohan) and their domestic help Unni (Sudhi).

There is romance, adultery, heartbreaks, happy and sad moments. In all fairness, there is a sincere attempt for sure but the pattern has become stale, mainly due to overuse. Roopesh Peethambaran shows some promise but the film’s prejudices are questionable.

The whole mood of the film is showing women in a bad light. Every female character in the film is craving desperately for the attention of men. They all are easy targets and hypocrites to the core, says the film. It is surprising that when any mention against a religion irks the masses, why these damned prejudices are conveniently forgotten!

Asif is good as a husband, who tries a bit too hard not to fall for temptations. Rachana hams it up, while Honey Rose seems to be happy being typecast playing ‘bold’ women. Sreenivasan is fine, while Tovino Thomas is good.

‘You too Brutus ‘ is not a lame effort and there is a concerted attempt to bring in some novelty. May be a better script and competent direction would have made it vastly better. An average viewer is unlikely to say You too Brutus about the makers but they will be far from satisfied.

Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu Movie Review

Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu is a family entertainer directed by debutante Benny Thomas. The movie stars Jayaram and Asif Ali in the lead roles. Kaniha and Meera Nandan essays the female leads. Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu is penned by scenarist duo Udaya Krishna-Sibi K Thomas and produced by Haneef Mohammed under the banner Red Rose Creations.

The movie’s story sets all around an Orthodox Muslim Family, Parankiyath. The Family Members of Parankiyath lives in a strict Orthodox Atmosphere. One of the strict rules of the family is that no one is allowed outside of Muslim cast is allowed to enter the House. The movie starts to unfold when some one from a hindu cast tries to enter the family. Its Doctor Madhavan Kutty (Jayaram) tries to enter Parankiyath. He has some intensions in him and he wants to full fill via entering Parankiyath. Madhavan Kutty tries to enter into house as Dr Mamooty.

As a Debutant director, Benny Thomas gave an impressive performance. The film is in a festival mood with colours and richness. But the presence of double meaning dialogues are sometimes very irritating. Cinematography and back ground scoring was brilliant and Songs were also not bad.

However the script has some lags but the direction and Technical elements sucessfully overcame that. The movie is a clean family Entertainer. As always Jayaram rocked the show. He was too good in his charater. Asif Ali too did his Job well. Kalabhavan Shajon and Babu Raj handled the comic part very well.

Verdict – Go and watch it with your family


‘Varsham’ Movie Review

After many half-hearted efforts during recent years, Mammootty takes the viewer through the pain of a doting dad, who has to face an extremely disturbing reality in director Ranjith Sankar’s ‘Varsham’.

Venugopal (Mammootty) is a successful private financier who considers money the be all and end all of life. Living in an affluent residential colony along with his wife Nandini (Asha Sharath) and only son Anand, Venugopal is a rustic man at heart. The film takes its own sweet time to settle down, with the incidents in the day to day of life of the protagonist and in the neighbourhood looking predictable and inert. The light humour that is sought to be worked out in the early parts look out of place. The whole focus of Venugopal and Nandini is on their son Anand. Usual elements like pressurizing children to excel in all fields, the never ending comparisons, the petty arguments between husband and wife are touched upon. The character of Asha Sharath is shown as a typical housewife bogged down by envy and dissatisfaction.

Director Ranjith Sarkar’s script packs the calamity early on, and after that takes its own sweet time, filled with mood swings of the bereaved, before the lost smile on the couple’s lips crops up – one reason why the like-it-fast moviegoers might find Varsham too long. But, even for them, the movie has its moments. The movie also has a subplot involving the world of businessmen, where for one to commit an act of good, the will of others too become necessary.

Cast and Performance

Mammootty delivers his best performance in recent times as Venu. The actor once again proves his mettle to play emotional scenes with a balanced act. While Asha Sarath struggles to play the role of a typical housewife in the first half, she excels in the second half with perfectly delivered emotional scenes. Mamta Mohandas, who plays Dr Jayashree does her role to near perfection. Master Prajwal Prasad, who portrays Venu and Nandini’s son Anand, is convincing in his role. Rest of the cast did complete justice to their respective characters.

Varsham is a rehashed version of those stereotyped movies from the past, but even then it has been presented well. For the fans of Mammootty, this one is nothing less than a grand treat. Watch this one but don’t forget to carry a box of tissues to wipe your tears for sure!

Verdict: Very Good

Njangalude Veettile Athidhikal Reviews

An average Malayali film lover will always welcome veteran director Siby Malayil when he comes out with a movie, that too after a gap. But his latest offering ‘Njangalude Veettile Athidhikal’,proves an altogether unwelcome prospect. A timid effort with little spark of imagination or flair,the movie will leave you high and dry.

It doesn’t take much thinking to realize that most of Jayaram’s characters are as predictable as the tea that is usually served in our trains. It’s mostly bland, repetitive and churned up without much effort.

It is all about marital discord, psychological trauma, fidelity and infidelity.The premise is as old as the woods and the treatment is absolutely anachronistic. The complications that the plot is laden with leave the viewer in a maze and the pedestrian end presents a picture of shambles.

Manoj (Jayaram) and Bhavana (Priyamani) are locked in a marriage which is ridden with conflicts and lack of trust.An advocate Manoj is an outgoing personality driven by his passion for money. While Bhavana is an imaginative being and is a real bookworm. Her literary bent of mind seldom finds an ideal foil in Manoj who is ruthlessly practical. The self centred Bhavana harbours a suspicion that her husband is having extra marital affairs.Their relation worsened after the death of their daughter in an accident. The arrival of Maya (Lena), in the scene complicates matters further. A woman who has no love lost for menfolk, Maya adds fuel to the fire with her closeness to Bhavana.

Afterwards we are treated to situations that would look outdated even in a movie which released two decades ago.Bhavana’s extravagant imagination runs riot and her hallucinations make her do some unthinkable things. The characters of Narain and Kalabhavan Shajon come in, to no avail. From an average family drama the film is sought to be elevated to an exhaustive psychological examination. But the hollow script never allows the film to prosper in the manner the director would have conceived.

This one could easily rank among the worst films from Siby Malayil, who has made some terrific movies in the past. The uncanny resemblance of some scenes to the classic movie Manichithrathazhu is interesting for sure. The visuals are fine but the music rarely appeals.

Jayaram repeats his trademark antics, once again. Priyamani and the rest of the cast struggles to present their badly written roles convincingly.

There is no point in mincing words, Njangalude Veettile Adhithikal tests the patience of the viewer big time. Watch it at your own risk please!